Thursday, March 14, 2013

Air Force What? Product Showcasing in Nelly’s Air Force Ones

By: Nicholas Walko
The Song Air Force Ones is exactly what it sounds like, a song devoted to how much a couple of rappers likes a pair of series of Nike shoes. Is it a genuine liking for them or are they paid by Nike? I am suggesting it is both, the song itself I don’t see much value in but the amount of times it mentions the shoes is tremendous, with a music video of the rappers just throwing the shoe around and describing the functions and colours. If Nelly was not a baseball fanatic then I might believe it was genuine interest in the shoes the Nike probably paid to produce, but under these circumstances it looks like they made an infomercial for the shoes and had the rappers come up with a song in 10 minutes to play in the background.

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