Thursday, March 14, 2013

Branding The Apocalypse: Ineffective Product Placement

Many people have noticed the Hyundai product placements in AMC’s The Walking Dead. It is no secret that The Walking Dead has cooperated with Hyundai for their Drive to Survive advertising campaign, and that there are various placements of Hyundai vehicles in the show. People are questioning though whether or not the liberties they go to in order to highlight the product placements are necessary.

In The Walking Dead the world is a tattered, torn, muddy, dirty and dangerous version of its previous self – except for the nicely cleaned Hyundai ix35 that gets a questionable amount of camera time. Believer it or not, in this post apocalyptic world there are more product placements that you would think – identifies product placements from the following brands in The Walking Dead: Carrier, The Collins Company, Dairy Queen, Gerber Gear, Lipsey Water, Maytag, Mercedes-Benz, State Farm Insurance, Wenonah Canoe and Winnebago Industries. 

What do you think – does branding and product placement go unnoticed in The Walking Dead or does it make you question the legitimacy of the environment the creators of the show work so hard to create? Let us know!

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