Thursday, March 21, 2013

Effective Product Placement: Portal 2

This weeks subject came to attention through unconventional means. Following last weeks massive content update I decided to take a well deserved break from work and opened Steam and decided to revisit one of my favourite games released by Valve - Portal 2. Portal 2 is Valves much adored sequel to their cult-like hit Portal.

While playing this game I found myself distracted in a testing room by a strange sound coming from a mysterious location. After a little investigation I found myself in a secret room with nothing but strange drawings and a speaker playing music. Once I inspected this further I noticed a painting on the wall behind the speaker that was actually advertising the band of the song coming from the radio. How random - I had found a product placement (and my next blog posting)!

I was intrigued - so much that I minimized my game and began researching this product placement on Google. It turns out the song was Exile Vilify by The National. The National and Portal 2 had been working together to co-promote each other. The National had recorded the song for Portal 2's soundtrack and then as part of an advertising campaign, for the band as well as the game, they had initiated a music video contest. Fans would submit their own music videos for a chance to win a prize package. Their responses to this contest where very positive - with 320 submissions, which were painstaking narrowed down to three winners - two tied for first place! According to; "winners received the same great prize package, the only difference being that place #1 will include a guitar and place #1.00000000001 will feature an Aperture Science messenger bag signed by the Portal 2 Team."

The winners can be seen at:

Would you consider this unique product placement effective? Give us your thoughts!

By: Scott Moodie

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