Thursday, March 14, 2013

Product Placement Overload: House of Cards

The Netflix original series, House of Cards could be compared to an orchard at this point because you can’t look anywhere in the show without seeing Apples. Recently House of Cards has been making headlines for their blatant over-abundance of product placements in their television show. Shown in the image below is a prime example of product placement gone too far. Kevin Spacey may be a busy man but how many mobile devices can a man use at once?

Considering Netflix is not being paid to place these products in their show, it leaves one wondering how much product placement is too much. This may be free advertising for Apple but what does Netflix really have to gain from this? In my opinion, this is a smart move on Apple’s part but on House of Cards' part does the over saturation of product placement denote the shows integrity?

Is this creating a positive brand association or does it come off as a desperate for commercial content? Please leave us your opinion and if you’re seeking more information see the article from link below to!


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\By: Scott Moodie

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