Thursday, March 14, 2013

Product Placement in James Bond Skyfall

by: Tim Calaiezzi

As product placement is becoming more popular among advertisers, movies and TV shows have begun to increase the amount of product placement and use the money received from advertisers to fund their production cost, an example of this is James Bond Skyfall. Skyfall production budget was 200 million dollars a large amount of that were covered by product placement fee by advertisers.
Heineken alone paid 45 million for James Bond drink to be switched from shaken vodka martini to Heineken as well as having Heineken mentioned by characters in the movie as the best pale lager. A very prominent brand product placement is Macallan whiskey, M and Bond can be seen drinking Macallan Whiskey as well as Silva offers James Bond a glass of Macallan whiskey when he captures Bond on the Island.  Other brands which have product placement in Skyfall are Omega watch which James Bond wears, Sony Vaio Laptop which is used most noticeably by Q.
 For all of the different bra product placements in the movie most of them are smoothly placed and not in your face product placement. I do believe a continued increase in the number product placement could ruin the James Bond series as numerous people have already raised their concern about that. Would an increase in product placement affect the quality of the movie?

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