Thursday, March 14, 2013

Military Video Games Attribute to Firearm Sales?

By: Alexander Dumo

Military video games such as the record-breaking Call of Duty franchise, as well as Medal of Honor and Battlefield may be attributing to firearm sales in the US. According to a national survey by Injury Prevention, 26% of individuals own a firearm. However, more individuals (including owners of these video games), are able to recall the names and manufacturer's of specific guns, just by the look of them.

Gun-makers such as Colt, Glock, McMillan and Magpul see video games as a large potential market for new customers, and game developers strive for realism when creating replica weapons in-game. Win-Win situation!

For more info, check out this interesting article from Tech News Daily!

Can you recognize any of these guns from playing military shooter video games?

Barrett M82A1
M16 Rifle

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