Thursday, March 14, 2013

History of Product Placement in James Bond Series

By: Tim Calaiezzi

As mentioned in previous blog about James Bond Skyfall, product placement is quite prominent in it. However what many may not realize there has been product placement throughout the James Bond series. The following is a history of noticeable product placements in the James Bond Series
The first James Bond film to have noticeable product placement was Dr. No in 1962.  Sean Connery  can be seen drinking Red Stripe lager, Pan Am was another company which had product placement in Dr. No as their planes were used as the main airline.

American Motors paid 5 million to have their AMC Hornet appear in “The man with the Golden Gun” driven by James Bond over a bridge.

The BMW 750IL was driven by James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies. Additionally Omega watch was first seen in Tomorrow Never Dies, and has continued to be part of product placement brands in recent Bond movies.

James Bond Gun, the PPFK Walther can be seen in all James Bond films it is one of the most prominent product placement in the Bond series.

Aston martin is the most prominent product placement and most well-known product placement brand. It can be seen in numerous James Bond films.

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