Thursday, March 14, 2013

American Idol and Product Placement

By: Alexander Dumo

American Idol, North America's beloved singing talent show is no stranger to product placement, gaining big sponsorships each year, and this year includes Coca-Cola, AT&T and Ford!

Ford includes their vehicles between segments with the Idol contestants, and provides viewers and fan with online promotions and prize packages for watching the show and visiting the site.

AT&T's brand name is usually most seen when the voting systems are live, where you either text, phone or vote online for your favourite Idol contestant!

However, the sponsor that takes that cake is easily Coca-Cola! Just looking at the following image it seems the most prevalent and is easily identifiable, even sometimes recognized before the actual stars sitting behind the cups!

Coca-Cola holding the #1 and #2 spot for most popular soft drinks in the US must not be enough, since they have to be on one of America's top singing talent shows as well!

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